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JungleTac's Sport Vii (Chinese: 威力棒; pinyin: Wēilì bàng; lit. "Power Stick" or "The Power is Great") is a Shanzhai video game console similar in aspect to Nintendo's Wii. It was originally released in China in 2007. The Vii was not intended to be a seventh-generation console like the Wii, and was instead part of the dedicated console genre of inexpensive consoles with built-in games. It is based on the 16-bit Sunplus SPG CPU.

The Vii's Puppy Rod 威力棒 controller is similar in size and design to the Wii Remote. It features motion detection but not the pointing capability of the Wii Remote. The Vii Power Rods also come in "Arctic White", "Hot Pink" and "Mint Blue".

A redesign of the console, colloquially called the Vii 2 by bloggers, features remodeled controllers and a console design reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation 3, as well as support for both NTSC and PAL televisions.

In 2008, the Vii was released in Japan under the name V Sports (Sport Vii).

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