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The Rose of Versailles musicals

The Rose of Versailles has been dramatized for Takarazuka Revue by Shinji Ueda. The show's role in Takarazuka history is particularly notable as it established the "Top Star" system that remains in place to this day. Rose of Versailles also triggered a large surge in the revue's popularity, commonly referred to as the "BeruBara Boom" (ベルバラブーム, Berubara Buumu).

The musicals have either played up the importance of the Oscar-Andre relationship, or the Fersen-Marie Antoinette relationship. Shinji Ueda, a Takarazuka producer, asked Riyoko Ikeda to write new stories with scenes from the manga never before seen on stage and by placing a focus on minor characters. In 2008 and 2009, four new musicals were staged based on the minor characters Girodelle, Alain de Soissons, and Bernard Chatelet, as well as André Grandier.

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